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Balabac Consulting and Management also provides profitable and appropriate solutions to third parties for each project, applying the experience of our professionals in different spheres of the real estate sector.

In Balabac Consulting and Management, your satisfaction is our only goal.

  • Support for international investors interested in the Spanish real estate market.
  • Study of the viability of real estate projects.
  • Help in the design of internalization strategies.
  • Reports and recommendations on performance of the current Spanish real estate market.
  • Advice for real estate investing.
  • Professional representation at Council/Board meetings.

Real Estate Management

Balabac Consulting and Management develops real estate projects for third parties throughout all stages. This is done by structuring the most appropriate processes for project completion and by correct decision-making.

Step-by-step management of projects.

  • Urbanistic Management
  • Creation and implementation of the Master Commercial Plan
  • Technical development of Project
  • Financiing
  • Followup and Budget Control
  • Legal and fiscal structuring

Integral management

  • Search for opportunities
  • • Negociation and close of sale
  • • Structuring, control and implementation of Planned Strategies in the following areas:
    Economic/Financial, Commercial,
    Technical, Control and follow up,
    judicial,/Real estate/fiscal structuring.

Investment vehicles

Balabac Consulting and Management structures and participates in vehicles designed to channel investments in order to completely develop their value.

The basic guidelines for this line of business are:

  • Search for investment opportunities with a realistic analysis of benefits
  • Creation of investment value through creative, flexible and professional management
  • Coordination of fund raising for investment
  • Diversification of risk
  • Profitable structuring from a fiscal and legal point of view
  • Management of professionalized information, complying with national and international standards
  • Participation of investors in decision making processes
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